General Knowledge for PSC Exam 3

Question: 1

Night blindness is a deficiency disease of which of these following vitamin?

(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin B
(C) Vitamin C
(D) Vitamin K
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Answer: (A) Vitamin A

Question: 2

A temperature of 300 Degree Centigrade corresponds to an absolute temperature of-

(A) 27 kelvin.
(B) -27 kelvin.
(C) 523 kelvin.
(D) 573 kelvin<./td>
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Answer: (D) 573 kelvin.

Question: 3

‘Godfather’ is a famous novel related to crime was written by-

(A) V. S. Naipal.
(B) Guntar Grass.
(C) Mario Pujo.
(D) Erich Segal.
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Answer: (C) Mario Pujo.

Question: 4

Which of the following is the unit of frequency?

(A) Kg – m
(B) Sec.
(C) Hertz
(D) Cm/Sec2
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Answer: (C) Hertz

Question: 5

Who of the following chess players won the world Chess Championship in 2012?

(A) Vishwanathan Anand.
(B) Gary kasparov.
(C) Vladimir Kramnik.
(D) Anatoly Karpov.
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Answer: (A) Vishwanathan Anand.

Question: 6

What is the full form of SETI in the field of Astrobiology?

A. Search for Extra Transformation Intelligence.
B. Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
C. Sound for Extra Terrestrial Intense.
D. Search for Evaporation Terrestrial Intelligence.
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Answer: B. Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

Question: 7

Which of the following diseases is a deficiency disease of iodine?

A. Itai Itai.
B. Goitre.
C. Hypersomnia.
D. Night Blindness.
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Answer: B. Goitre.

Question: 8

Corundum (mixture of iron, titanium and chromium) is the second hardest mineral after-

A. Gold.
B. Platinum.
C. Diamond.
D. Coal.
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Answer: C. Diamond.

Question: 9

“The midwife of technological development” is a term associated with which of the following field of science?

A. Civil Engineering.
B. Systems Engineering.
C. Evolution of Environment.
D. Plastic Engineering.
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Answer: B. Systems Engineering.

Question: 10

Which of the following country is called as Friendly Islands?

A. Brazil.
B. Australian.
C. Tonga.
D. Austria.
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Answer: C. Tonga.