General Knowledge Questions Answers: History of India


Rigvedic Aryans lived in which of these following region of India?

  • (A) Northern India.
  • (B) All over India.
  • (C) Eastern Part of India.
  • (D) Sapta Sindhu area.

The Lion Capital at Sarnath is belonged to which of these following king of Indian History?

  • (A) Chandragupta.
  • (B) Kanishka.
  • (C) Harsha.
  • (D) Ashoka.

The Rebellion(revolt) of 1857 started at the town of Meerut. Who was the Governor general of India at that time?

  • (A) Lord Canning.
  • (B) Lord Wellesley.
  • (C) Lord Palmerston.
  • (D) Lord Ellenborough.

Which one of the following is the most significant feature of the Indus Valley Civilization?

  • (A) Socio-Economic system.
  • (B) Ritualistic Life.
  • (C) Town Planning.
  • (D) Social Life.

The greatest development in the Kushan period was in the field of-

  • (A) Religion.
  • (B) Art.
  • (C) Literature.
  • (D) Architecture.

The fourth Mysore war was fought between British soldiers and Tipu Sultan. Who got the victory?

  • (A) Tipu Sultan.
  • (B) British Dynasty.
  • (C) Tie.
  • (D) No result.

In 1773 British parliament passed The regulating Act which help British company-

  • (A) to control over commercial activities.
  • (B) to gain better control over territories.
  • (C) Both A and B.
  • (D) to showoff their power all over the world.

In 1646 which of the following ruler captures Torna, a fort located at Maharashtra, India?

  • (A) Maharaja Ranjit Singh.
  • (B) Shivaji.
  • (C) Shuja-ud-daula.
  • (D) Ahmad Shah.

In 1879 after the Verncular Press act passed-

  • (A) duties on rice abolished.
  • (B) duties on war resources abolished.
  • (C) duties on cotton abolished.
  • (D) duties of water abolished.

After the Indian Council Act passed who become the Governor General and Viceroy of India in 1899?

  • (A) Lord Canning.
  • (B) Lord Curzon.
  • (C) Warren Hastings.
  • (D) Lord William Bentinck.
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