Computer awareness quiz

Question: 1

In a sequence of events that takes place in an instruction cycle, the first cycle is called as the-

(A) Store cycle.
(B) Execute cycle.
(C) Fetch cycle.
(D) Decode cycle.
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Answer: (C) Fetch cycle.

Question: 2

Which of the following excel charts represents only one value for each variable?

(A) Function.
(B) Line.
(C) Pie.
(D) Bar.
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Answer: (C) Pie.

Question: 3

To check the document before the printout is taken, we use-

(A) Insert table option.
(B) Paste option.
(C) Format painter option.
(D) Print preview option.
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Answer: (D) Print preview option.

Question: 4

ALU(Arithmetic Logical Unit) works on the instructions and data held in the-

(A) Notebook.
(B) Registers.
(C) Copy pad.
(D) I/O device.
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Answer: (B) Registers.

Question: 5

To move data from one part of the document to another which of the following function is used?

(A) Cut and paste.
(B) Copy and paste.
(C) Cut and delete.
(D) Copy and undo.
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Answer: (A) Cut and paste.

Question: 6

Which of the following device is referred to as computer networking device?

A. Debugger
B. Compiler
C. Router
D. Assembler
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Answer: C. Router

Question: 7

If we want to get more higher resolution in our personal computer we have to install a-

A. Graphics Card.
B. External Disc Drive.
C. Floppy Drive.
D. Printer.
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Answer: A. Graphics Card.

Question: 8

What is the Index page of a website?

A. the home page.
B. the contact page.
C. the comment page.
D. the about me page.
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Answer: A. the home page.

Question: 9

Which of the following is the popular open source web programming language used to build websites?

A. Motherbaord.
C. Android.
D. Linux.
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Answer: B. PHP.

Question: 10

In an web address the .com appears is refers to the-

A. Educational Websites.
B. personal websites.
C. websites address used for commercial purposes.
D. websites address used by governments officials only.
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Answer: C. websites address used for commercial purposes.