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Which animal is associted with Computer Hardware devices?

  • (A) Keyboard.
  • (B) Monitor.
  • (C) Mouse.
  • (D) Printer.

Which storage medium helps us to write and also drive?

  • (A) Hard Disc.
  • (B) Pen Drive.
  • (C) Floppy Disc.
  • (D) Memory Card.

Whose daddy agreed to gives us space for internet?

  • (A) My Daddy.
  • (B) Godaddy.
  • (C) My Uncles Daddy.
  • (D) Super Daddy.

Find the odd man out.

  • (A) Random
  • (B) Memorandum
  • (C) Condom
  • (D) Conduct

We all know that when we get ill there should be a flue in our body. Our computer also when got ill also attacked by the same kind of flue. Which is common in both cases is known as-

  • (A) Flue.
  • (B) Bacteria.
  • (C) Virus.
  • (D) Fungi.

Lorita asking her friend Lisa, which is the best dress to seduce my husband?

  • (A) Red dress.
  • (B) Pink dress.
  • (C) Undress.
  • (D) Yellow dress.

Which of the following book is famous all over the world?

  • (A) Arts book.
  • (B) Science book.
  • (C) Commerce book.
  • (D) Facebook.

Which is the most expenssive gate?

  • (A) Colgate.
  • (B) Bill gates.
  • (C) Machine Gate.
  • (D) Electronic Gate.

Which of the following table you can eat?

  • (A) Dining table.
  • (B) Computer table.
  • (C) Vegetable.
  • (D) None of these.

What will happen if microsoft buy facebook?

  • (A) Mark zuckerburg will marry gate’s wife.
  • (B) Bill gates and Mark zuckerburg will be enemies.
  • (C) Bill gates and Mark zuckerburg will be friends.
  • (D) We have to install drivers to send or accept friend request.
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