Physics (Physical Science) Questions and Answers


What is Accelaration?

  • (A) Acceleration is the changing of momentum of an object.
  • (B) Acceleration is the rate of changing the speed of a movable object.
  • (C) Accelaration is the rate of change of velocity of an Object.
  • (D) Accelaration is the rate of change of sound of an object.

Dynamo coverts Mechanical energy into which of the following energy?

  • (A) Chemical Energy.
  • (B) Electrical Energy.
  • (C) Mechanical Energy.
  • (D) Sound Wave.

The intensity of sound is measure by which of the following unit?

  • (A) Horse Power.
  • (B) Hertz.
  • (C) Decibel.
  • (D) Volt.

One British Thermal Unit is equal to how much Kilocalorie?

  • (A) 0.152 Calorie.
  • (B) 0.252 Calorie.
  • (C) 0.552 Calorie.
  • (D) 0.1252 Calorie.

In an electric bulb the filament is made of which of the following metal?

  • (A) Iron.
  • (B) Tungsten.
  • (C) Copper.
  • (D) Zinc.

With respect to Gravitational force Earth pulls a body towards which direction?

  • (A) Earth pulls body towards its centre.
  • (B) Earth pulls body towards its back.
  • (C) Earth pulls body towards its left.
  • (D) Earth pulls body towards its right.

Which of the following instrument is used to measure electric current?

  • (A) Viscometer.
  • (B) Nephetometer.
  • (C) Galvanometer.
  • (D) Tacheometer.

Which of the following is measured in a unit called Farad?

  • (A) Distance.
  • (B) Temparature.
  • (C) Capacitance.
  • (D) Speed.

Why food is prepared in pressure cooker more quickly than normal pan?

  • (A) Pressure cooker is deeper than normal pan.
  • (B) Normal pan cannot absorb heat for a long time.
  • (C) The boiling point of water raised in pressure cooker.
  • (D) Pressure cooker is made of good quality metal that can increase the boiling point of water.

Why the sky appears blue to us?

  • (A) because of Scattering.
  • (B) because of too much air.
  • (C) because of diffusion.
  • (D) because of the presence of too much water.
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