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Citric acid found in which of the following food?

  • (A) Lemons
  • (B) Vinegar
  • (C) Apples
  • (D) Grapes

Which of the following unit of computer perform all mathematical operations?

  • (A) CU
  • (B) ALU
  • (C) Registers
  • (D) None of these.

Virus or bacteria have which type of cell structure?

  • (A) Eukaryotic type.
  • (B) Prokaryotic type.
  • (C) Cells that structured with microtubules.
  • (D) Structured with cytoskeleton.

Teflon is a polymer used for which of the following purpose?

  • (A) Automobile Industries.
  • (B) For Electronic goods.
  • (C) Kitchen Ware (Nonstick).
  • (D) Preparing Fruit Juices.

On which of the following date Human rights day is observed?

  • (A) 10th August.
  • (B) 1st December.
  • (C) 10th December.
  • (D) 25th December.

Which of the following ocean is the world’s largest ocean?

  • (A) Atlantic Ocean.
  • (B) Pacific Ocean.
  • (C) Indian Ocean.
  • (D) Southern Ocean.

FIBA is a sports organization that formed on 18 June, 193. What is the full form of FIBA?

  • (A) International Football Association.
  • (B) International Basketball Federation.
  • (C) Football India Best Association.
  • (D) Federation of Indian Basketball Association.

Who is the 23rd “Tirthankara” in jainism?

  • (A) Mahavira.
  • (B) Rishabha.
  • (C) Parshanath.
  • (D) Aranatha.

Who composed the national anthem of India ‘Jana Gana Mana’?

  • (A) Amartya Sen.
  • (B) Rabindranath Tagore.
  • (C) Bankim Chnadra Bose.
  • (D) Subhas Chandra Bose.

The headquarter of OPEC (Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries) is situated at which of the following place?

  • (A) Washington D.C., US
  • (B) Geneva, Switzerland.
  • (C) Vienna, Austria.
  • (D) Paris, France.
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