Current Affairs Questions Answers 13th July, 2017

Daily Current Affairs Update

Question: 1

Who is recently appointed as the Chief Financial Officer(CFO) for twitter?

(A) Ned Segal
(B) Anthony Noto
(C) Downtown Josh Brown
(D) Blair H duQuesnay
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Answer: (A) Ned Segal (Succeed=Anthony Noto)

Question: 2

Who has been rose to the top position in the Women’s Tennis Association(WTA) rankings?

(A) Karolina Pliskova(Czech Republic)
(B) Angelique Kerber(Germany)
(C) Simona Halep(Romania)
(D) None of these
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Answer: (A) Karolina Pliskova(Czech Republic)

Question: 3

Who will chair ministerial session and plenary session at 22nd World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul?

(A) Dharmendra Pradhan
(B) Arvind Kejriwal
(C) Amit Mishra
(D) None of these
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Answer: (A) Dharmendra Pradhan

Question: 4

Who has been appointed as the female Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Iran to lead national airline?

(A) Farzaneh Sharafbani
(B) John Thain
(C) Bill McDermott
(D) Jeff Noddle
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Answer: (A) Farzaneh Sharafbani

Question: 5

Who is the current president of Iran?

(A) Hassan Rouhani
(B) Eshaq Jahangiri
(C) Ali Larijani
(D) Ali Khamenei
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Answer: (A) Hassan Rouhani

Question: 6

The cabinet approves establishment of The International Rice Research Institute(IRRI) at-

(A) Kolkata
(B) Varanasi
(C) Mumbai
(D) Chennai
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Answer: (B) Varanasi

Question: 7

Where is the headquarter of Tesla, a automobile company?

(A) Paris
(B) California,USA
(C) Vienna
(D) Singapore
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Answer: (B) California,USA

Question: 8

Who is the current Governor of Sikkim?

(A) Danny Denzongpa
(B) Pawan Kumar Chamling
(C) Shriniwas Patil
(D) B. B. Gurung
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Answer: (C) Shriniwas Patil

Question: 9

The headquarter of World Bank is at-

(A) Rome, France
(B) Washington DC
(C) Teheran
(D) None of these
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Answer: (B) Washington DC

Question: 10

India’s first Technology and Innovation Support Center(TISC) will be set up in which of the following state?

(A) Punjab
(B) West Bengal
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Kerala
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Answer: (A) Punjab