Current Affairs Questions Answers 22nd July 2017

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Question: 1

UK’s Jaguar Land Rover will open first overseas engine plant in-

(A) India
(B) China
(C) Pakistan
(D) Bangladesh
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Answer: (B) China (10.9 billion yuan)

Question: 2

Who has been recently appointed as the chief operating officer of Online truck aggregator Blackbuck?

(A) Rajesh Yabaji
(B) Arvind Singhal
(C) Chanakya Hridaya
(D) None of these
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Answer: (B) Arvind Singhal

Question: 3

Who has been elected to head UK’s committee on immigration & visas?

(A) Keith Vaz
(B) Shekhar Niyogi
(C) Devesh Kumar Agarwal
(D) None of these
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Answer: (A) Keith Vaz(Indian Origin MP)

Question: 4

What is the currency of United Kingdom?

(A) Dinar
(B) Pound Sterling
(C) Yuan
(D) Euro
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Answer: (B) Pound Sterling

Question: 5

Who has been recently nominated as Afghanistan’s ambassador by US president Donald Trump?

(A) Rick Dearborn
(B) John Bass
(C) Ivanka Trump
(D) Sebastian Gorka
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Answer: (B) John Bass

Question: 6

What is the capital of Turkey?

(A) Istanbul
(B) Ankara
(C) Hattusa
(D) Ephesus
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Answer: (B) Ankara

Question: 7

What is the currency of Japan?

(A) Dinar
(B) Yuan
(C) Yen
(D) Real
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Answer: (C) Yen

Question: 8

Which Indian Bollywood actress will be honoured at 42nd Toronto Film Festival?

(A) Madhuri Dixit
(B) Priyanka Chopra
(C) Preety Zinta
(D) Kriti Sanon
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Answer: (B) Priyanka Chopra(Guest of Honour)

Question: 9

Who has been appointed as the new chairman of LeEco?

(A) Sun Hongbin
(B) Taleb Rifai
(C) Jia Yueting
(D) None of these
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Answer: (A) Sun Hongbin(LeEco is a Chinese multinational conglomerate corporation)

Question: 10

The Indian Government has approved ______ for Integrated Child Development Services Scheme(ICDS) in the year 2017-18?

(A) 10,200 Crore
(B) 14,680 Crore
(C) 12,400 Crore
(D) 1,000 Crore
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Answer: (B) 14,680 Crore