GK & Current Affairs Questions Answers: September 16-17, 2018

gk & current affairs questions answers

Daily GK & Current Affairs Questions and Answers will help you to prepare for General Awareness section for your upcoming competitive exams including; Banking, IBPS, RRB, SSC, UPSC, Railway, Insurance and PSC Exams. Here you can practice Current General Knowledge, Static GK & Current Affairs questions on the most recent news headlines of India and all over the World.
Here is the top 10 latest GK & Current Affairs Quiz based Questions and Answers of September 16-17, 2018 for exam aspirants.
gk & current affairs questions answers

GK & Current Affairs Questions Answers: September 16-17, 2018


Which of the foolowing state Government has recently launched a scheme named "Swayangsiddha" to combat Human Trafficking

  • (A) Karnataka
  • (B) Maharashtra
  • (C) Bihar
  • (D) West Bengal

First ever dedicated dog park launched in which of the following city in India?

  • (A) Bangaluru
  • (B) Hyderabad
  • (C) Kochi
  • (D) Mumbai

Time magazine has been sold for $190 million to Marc Benioff and his wife. Marc Benioff is the co founder of-

  • (A) VMWare
  • (B) Salesforce
  • (C) SAP SE
  • (D) NaviSite

Who has become the new Prime Minister of Sudan?

  • (A) Moutaz Mousa Abdallah
  • (B) Ashraf Ghani
  • (C) Mauricio Macri
  • (D) Raul Castro

India has recently launched NovaSAR and S1-4, earth observation satellites. These satellites are associated with which country?

  • (A) United States
  • (B) UK
  • (C) Germany
  • (D) Russia

Which Olympic Champion has set a new marathon world record recently in Berlin, Germany?

  • (A) Karl Lewis
  • (B) Michael Phelps
  • (C) Eliud Kipchoge
  • (D) Jackie Joyner-Kersee

According to the ‘Credit Suisse Family 1000 in 2018’ report in terms of Family Businesses Globally, India ranks at-

  • (A) 1st Place
  • (B) 3rd Place
  • (C) 6th Palce
  • (D) 10th Palce

Cisco a Netowing Equipment Manufacturing firm in US has signed agreement with NITI Aayog and ___ to boost its Digital India Progam.

  • (A) BSNL
  • (B) Vodafone
  • (C) Reliance Communication
  • (D) TCS

Famous Indian wrestler Ganpatrao Andalkar passed away at the age of 83. He has won Hind Kesari title in-

  • (A) 1960
  • (B) 1970
  • (C) 1982
  • (D) 1989

Who has recently taken charge as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of State Bank of India (SBI)?

  • (A) Siddhartha Sengupta
  • (B) Prashant Kumar
  • (C) Sunil Srivastava
  • (D) Anshula Kant
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