GK & Current Affairs Questions Answers: September 27, 2018

gk & current affairs questions answers

In most of the Competitive Exams the General Awareness section covers latest GK & Current Affairs Questions from most recent news and articles. That’s why we are providig GK & Current Affairs Questions Answers covering most important news & events on a Daily basis. And Here is the Top 10 latest GK & Current Affairs Quiz based Questions and Answers of September 27, 2018 for exam aspirants.
gk & current affairs questions answers

GK & Current Affairs Questions Answers: September 27, 2018


Supreme Court declared extramarital affairs (adultery) as not an criminal offence uder the Section ___ of IPC.

  • (A) 370
  • (B) 497
  • (C) 253
  • (D) 379

Who has been recently conferred with the United Nations highest environmental honour Champions of the Earth award 2018?

  • (A) Vladimir Putin
  • (B) Shri Narendra Modi
  • (C) Smt. Mamata Baneerjee
  • (D) Emmanuel Macron

India and Morocco has signed an Memorandum of Understanding for deepening the cooperation of MSME sectors of two nations. What is the capital of Morocco?

  • (A) Tirana
  • (B) Yerevan
  • (C) Rabat
  • (D) Luanda

Recently SEBI gives approval to which company to launch delivery based future contracts in Gold & Silver?

  • (A) BSE
  • (B) NSE
  • (C) MSE
  • (D) CSE

Recently India's indegeniously built beyond visual range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) ___ has been successfully pre-introduced in Chandipur, Odisha.

  • (A) Pinaka
  • (B) Astra
  • (C) CLGM
  • (D) Amogha

Which of the following country has recently received $57.1 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

  • (A) Argentina
  • (B) Peru
  • (C) Nepal
  • (D) Kenya

World Tourism Day has been celebrated all over the world on-

  • (A) 26th August
  • (B) 27th September
  • (C) 29th December
  • (D) 1st June

Recently Indian Navy has signed a contract witht which company to build 2  Diving Support Vessels (DSV) to improve its submarine support operations?

  • (A) Bharati Defence And Infrastructure Limited
  • (B) Reliance Naval and Engineering Limited
  • (C) Hindustan Shipyard Limited
  • (D) Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited

Sarvesh Kushare won ___ medal in 58th National Open athletics championships.

  • (A) Bronze
  • (B) Silver
  • (C) Gold
  • (D) Not Participated

Anjali Devi Won Gold medal in 58th National Open athletics championships in which of the following event?

  • (A) Womens 100m Run
  • (B) Womens 400m Run
  • (C) Womens 400m Hurdles
  • (D) Womens High Jump
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