GK & Current Affairs Questions Answers: September 29-30, 2018

gk & current affairs questions answers

In most of the Competitive Exams the General Awareness section covers latest GK & Current Affairs Questions from most recent news and articles. That’s why we are providig GK & Current Affairs Questions Answers covering most important news & events on a Daily basis. And Here is the Top 10 latest GK & Current Affairs Quiz based Questions and Answers of September 29-30, 2018 for exam aspirants.
gk & current affairs questions answers

GK & Current Affairs Questions Answers: September 29-30, 2018


NITI Aayog has recently signed an Statement of Intent (SoI) with which company to counterfeit drugs in India?

  • (A) IBM
  • (B) Microsoft
  • (C) Oracle
  • (D) Apple

Who has been appointed as the president of Indian Newspaper Society?

  • (A) Mr. Girish Agarwal
  • (B) Jayant Mammen Mathew
  • (C) Vijay Kumar Chopra
  • (D) Vijay Jawaharlal Darda

Which of the following country has won Asia Cup 2018?

  • (A) India
  • (B) Pakistan
  • (C) Sri Lanka
  • (D) Bangladesh

Recently India's first Corn Festival has been started in which of the following state?

  • (A) Maharashtra
  • (B) Madhya Pradesh
  • (C) Kerala
  • (D) West Bengal

Who will be conferred with the Lata Mangeshkar Lifetime Achievement award 2018?

  • (A) Vijay Patil
  • (B) Anu Malik
  • (C) Amit Trivedi
  • (D) A. R. Rahman

Recently Ravin & Manish win ___ medal in U-23 National Wrestling held in Rajasthan.

  • (A) Bronze
  • (B) Silver
  • (C) Gold
  • (D) Not Participated

Indian Railways has recently launched Rail Heritage Digitisation Project with collaborating with which of the following company?


  • (A) Google
  • (B) Yahoo
  • (C) Microsoft
  • (D) Oracle

World Heart Day is celebrated every year on-

  • (A) 29th August
  • (B) 29th September
  • (C) 29th October
  • (D) 29th November

Novelist Kavita Mahajan passed away at the age of 51. She was an popular writer to-

  • (A) Bengali
  • (B) Malayalam
  • (C) Marathi
  • (D) Urdu

Who has been appointed as the India's Next Ambassador to China?

  • (A) Vikram Misri
  • (B) Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
  • (C) Navtej Sarna
  • (D) Arun Kumar Singh
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