Physics Questions and Answers

Physics quiz based MCQ Questions and Answers for IBPS Bank, SSC, RRB, Railway & other Competitive Exams.


Which of the following is the example of Scalar Quantity?

  • (A) Velocity
  • (B) Force
  • (C) Volume
  • (D) Momentum

Which of the following is a Vector Quantity?

  • (A) Energy
  • (B) Power
  • (C) Work
  • (D) Acceleration

Which law of Newton is called as law of inertia?

  • (A) first law
  • (B) second law
  • (C) third law
  • (D) fourth law

Which of the following equipment is used to convert electrical energy into sound energy?

  • (A) Dynamo
  • (B) Loud Speaker
  • (C) Microphone
  • (D) Electric Motor

Battery converts Chemical energy into-

  • (A) solar energy
  • (B) mechanical
  • (C) electrical energy
  • (D) heat energy

The force by which Every body attracts other body, is called as-

  • (A) Acceleration
  • (B) Gravitation
  • (C) Magnitude
  • (D) Momentum

Audible or Sound Waves that are sensitive to human air are range from-

  • (A) 10 Hz to 10000 Hz
  • (B) 15 Hz to 15000 Hz
  • (C) 18 Hz to 18000 Hz
  • (D) 20 Hz to 20000 Hz

Infrasonic waves which has frequencies less than 20 Hz is produced by-

  • (A) earth quakes
  • (B) volcanic eruptions
  • (C) ocean waves
  • (D) All of these

Which of the following is a non-luminous body?

  • (A) Sun
  • (B) Stars
  • (C) Electric bulb
  • (D) Rock

The spped of light at first measured by-

  • (A) Ole Roemer
  • (B) Max Planck
  • (C) Paul Dirac
  • (D) James Chadwick
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