General Knowledge Quiz for Banking Exams

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Thursday, August 1, 2013
Question: 1
In every year 20th March is celebrated as,

(A) International Women's day.
(B) World Sparrow day.
(C) World Children's day.
(D) World marriage day.
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Question: 2
What is Invisible export?

(A) Export of Prohibited goods.
(B) Export of Restricted goods.
(C) Export of Goods as per OGL list.
(D) Export of Services.
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Question: 3
Gluten is a protein compound found in which of the following plant?

(A) Wheat.
(B) Rice.
(C) Corn.
(D) Soya.
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Question: 4
HDL(High Density Lipoprotein) is a groups of Lipoproteins synthesized and secreted from which part of the human body?

(A) Pancreas.
(B) Kidneys.
(C) Muscles.
(D) Liver.
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Question: 5
In India all the Banks are required to maintain a portion of their customer deposits or DTL(Demand and time liabilities) with the RBI(Reserve bank of India). This is known as-

(A) SLR (Statutory Liquidity Ratio).
(B) CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio).
(C) Bank Deposits.
(D) Repo rate.
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Question: 6
In which of the following date World Population day is observed?

(A) 11th June.
(B) 11th July.
(C) 5th September.
(D) 12th November.
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Question: 7
Which of the following is the currency of China?

(A) Peso.
(B) Dollar.
(C) Cruzado.
(D) Yuan.
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Question: 8
Rodger Federer a famous sports person associated with which of the following game or sports?-

(A) Tennis.
(B) Cricket.
(C) Football.
(D) Hockey..
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Question: 9
A country have a trade deficit if-

(A) it imports less than its exports.
(B) it imports more than its exports.
(C) it imports and exports are equal.
(D) the nation is only involve in export.
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Question: 10
The increment of interest rate is calculated in bsp or Basis Points. In case of Basis Points(bsp), 1 percent is equals to-

(A) 1 basis points.
(B) 10 basis points.
(C) 100 basis points.
(D) 1000 basis points.
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