General knowledge questions answers August 2013

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Question: 1

Which of the following is measured in the unit of Kilo-Watt-Hour?

(A) Power.
(B) Force.
(C) Energy.
(D) Momentum.
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Question: 2

In which of the following place a massive earthquake named as tsunami held in March, 2011?

(A) Turkey.
(B) Haiti.
(C) Indonesia.
(D) Japan.
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Question: 3

Which of the following place is called as the southernmost point of India?

(A) Indira point in Nicobar Islands.
(B) Cape Comorin.
(C) Point Calimere.
(D) Guhar Moti near Sir Creek .
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Question: 4

Where is the Headquater of the U.N.O is located at?

(A) Washington.
(B) New York.
(C) Philadelphia.
(D) Chicago.
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Question: 5

Which of the following country is the highest importer of Gold?

(A) USA.
(B) France.
(C) Germany.
(D) India.
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Question: 6

Haemoglobin or Hb is a metalloprotein in the red blood cells of human body. It contains-

(A) copper compound.
(B) cobalt compound.
(C) magnesium compound.
(D) iron compound.
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Question: 7

From which of the following glands Insulin hormone is secreted?

(A) Kidney.
(B) Pituitary gland.
(C) Pancreas.
(D) Thyroid.
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Question: 8

Which of the following disease is transmitted by blood?

(A) Cholera.
(B) Tuberculosis.
(D) Polio.
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Question: 9

The first Garib Rath(Train) in India was flagged of between which of the following stations?

(A) Delhi-Patna
(B) Delhi-Chennai
(C) Delhi-Mumbai
(D) Amritsar-Saharsa
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Question: 10

Who is the composer of the famous English poem 'Paradise Regained'?

(A) William Wordsworth.
(B) Coleridge.
(C) William Shakespeare.
(D) John Milton.
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