Basic general knowledge about India

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Question: 1

The stock market in India is regulated by which of these following organization?

(A) SEBI (Security of Exchange Board of India).
(B) RBI (Reserve Bank of India).
(C) SBI (State Bank of India).
(D) BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).
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Question: 2

What is the full form of Epic, used to check a voter's identity?

(A) Election Photo Identity Code.
(B) Electronic Photo Identity Card.
(C) Electors Photo Identity Card.
(D) Election Photo Identity Card.
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Question: 3

Dr. Verghese Kurien is popularly known as the father of-

(A) Red Revolution.
(B) Green Revolution.
(C) White Revolution.
(D) Yellow Revolution.
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Question: 4

Who holds the distinction of having the highest civilian awards of India as well as of Pakistan?

(A) APJ Abdul Kalam.
(B) JRD Tata.
(C) Morarji Desai.
(D) Lata Mangeskar.
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Question: 5

Which of the following river in India is also known as 'Yarlung Zangbo'?

(A) Kaveri.
(B) Yamuna.
(C) Brahmaputra.
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Question: 6

Heart-rot is a disease which causes the decay of woods in trees. Which of the following infectious agent is responsible for this?

A. Bacteria.
B. Fungi.
C. Virus.
D. Protozoan.
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Question: 7

Which is the edible part of the fruit Mulberry?

A. Thalamus.
B. Upper Layer of the fruit.
C. Whole Fruit.
D. Only the juice came out after Squeezing it.
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Question: 8

Bacillus Pasteurella Petis is a gram negative bacteria which can infect both human and animal. Which of these following disease can be spread by the infection of this bacteria?

A. Aids.
B. Cancer.
C. Plague.
D. Pox.
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Question: 9

Which of the following scientist is at first to be Knighted, a british honour system?

A. Isaac Newton.
B. Rachel carson.
C. E O Wilson.
D. Henry Martyn Leland.
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Question: 10

Autonomic Nervous System which was presented by Langley in 1921 influence the function of which part of the body?

A. Brain.
B. Eyes.
C. Face.
D. All internal organs of the body.
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