General Awarness for competitive exams

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Saturday, August 10, 2013

Question: 1

Mammary gland is a organ of female mammals for feeding their children. Mammary glands are modification of-

(A) Sweat gland.
(B) Sebaceous gland.
(C) Salivary gland.
(D) Lacrimal gland.
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Question: 2

An atom of an element differs from an atom of one of its isotopes in the number of-

(A) Neutrons in the nucleus.
(B) Protons in the nucleus.
(C) Valence electrons.
(D) Protons outside the nucleus.
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Question: 3

'Bhrantibilas' is a Bengali play written in 1869 by-

(A) Iswarchandra Vidyasagar.
(B) Debendranath Tagore.
(C) Rammohan Roy.
(D) Azizul Haque.
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Question: 4

Which of the following unit is used to measure wave length?

(A) Cm.
(B) Pascal.
(C) Sec.
(D) Cm/Sec.
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Question: 5

What was the average growth rate of the Indian economy during the 11th plan period in between 2007 to 2012?

(A) 7%.
(B) 7.5%.
(C) 8%.
(D) 8.5%.
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Question: 6

4-D syndrome is a deficiency disease of which of these following vitamin?

A. Vitamin B2
B. Vitamin K
C. Vitamin B5
D. Vitamin E
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Question: 7

Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways caused by-

A. Fungi.
B. Protozoa.
C. Viruses.
D. bacteria.
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Question: 8

Who at first discovered the open heart surgery system?

A. Holst.
B. Waltallilehek.
C. Johan E. Salk.
D. Edward jenner.
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Question: 9

Which of these following personality is called as the Bard of Avon?

A. William Shakespeare.
B. Sir Walter Scott.
C. Jesus Christ.
D. Alexander.
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Question: 10

Which of the following club is the first hockey club established in all over the world?

A. Indian Hockey Federation.
B. Bolton Hockey Club.
C. Blackhealth Rugby and Hockey Club.
D. Doncaster Hockey Club.
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