General Knowledge for PSC EXAM 2

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Question: 1

Which of the following is a scaler quantity?

(A) Momentum.
(B) Mass.
(C) Weight.
(D) Force.
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Question: 2

'Shylock' is a fictional character created by-

(A) P. B. Shelley.
(B) John Milton.
(C) William Shakespeare.
(D) Byron.
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Question: 3

Shakira is a women personality associated with which of these following field?

(A) Sports.
(B) Pop music.
(C) Politics.
(D) Social service.
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Question: 4

The Muslim Brotherhood is the political organization of which of these following country?

(A) Tunisia.
(B) Egypt.
(C) Libya.
(D) Saudi Arabia.
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Question: 5

Which of the following is not a correct pair of dance and its origin state?

(A) Mohininattam- Kerala.
(B) Chhow- Purulia.
(C) Kuchipudi- Andhra Pradesh.
(D) Dandiya- Rajasthan.
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Question: 6

Corona is a plasma that appears on the-

A. inner most atmosphere of sun.
B. outer most atmosphere of sun.
C. inner most atmosphere of earth.
D. outer most atmosphere of earth.
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Question: 7

Which of the following mineral can be used to create artificial diamond?

A. Coal.
B. Graphite.
C. Charcoal.
D. Granite.
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Question: 8

K2 or Godwin Austin is the second highest mountain in the world is popularly known as-

A. Dapsong.
B. Chogori.
C. Both A and B.
D. Malta.
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Question: 9

Banana republic is a term used in the field of political science. Banana republic means a country-

A. which has the largest number of production all over the world.
B. which is based on information technology.
C. which is unstable and based on foreign capital.
D. which consists the largest number of islands.
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Question: 10

Karate is a art of attacking and defending against enemy. The word 'Karate' means-

A. Man with extreme power.
B. Empty hand.
C. Open Minded.
D. Destroying.
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