General knowledge questions India

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Question: 1

The petroleum price in India was completely deregulated according to the recommendations of which committee?

(A) Kirith Parekh Committee.
(B) Y. K. Alagh Committee.
(C) Satish Chandra Committee.
(D) Rakesh Mohan Committee.
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Question: 2

Who is the director of Aparajito, a Indian Bengali drama film?

(A) Sandip Ray.
(B) Satyajit Ray.
(C) Sukumar Ray.
(D) tapan Singha.
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Question: 3

Which party-led government become the first civilian government in Pakistan to last for 5 years?

(A) Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan.
(B) Pakistan People's Party.
(C) Pakistan Qaumi Party.
(D) Pakistan Muslim League.
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Question: 4

The supreme court of India is the highest judicial forum of India consists of-

(A) One chief justice and 18 other Judges.
(B) One chief justice and 25 other Judges.
(C) One chief justice and 26 other Judges.
(D) One chief justice and 30 other Judges.
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Question: 5

Firoja Begum is associated with which of the following field?

(A) Acting.
(B) Nazrul-Geeti.
(C) Social Service.
(D) Politics.
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Question: 6

Article no. 309 of the Constitution of India empowers parliament and state Legislatures-

(A) To regulate the recruitment and conditions of service of the public services of the Union and the State respectively.
(B) To deal with powers and duties of the comptroller and Auditor General.
(C) To deal with Indian Foreign Service.
(D) To regulate Income-Tax officers(class 1) service.
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Question: 7

'Arogya Niketan' is a great novel composed by-

(A) Tarashankar Bandyopadhyaya.
(B) kalidas Nag.
(C) Gokul Nag.
(D) Subodh Ghosh.
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Question: 8

The Governor General who decided in favor of Western Education in India is-

(A) Lord Cornwallis.
(B) Lord William Bentinck.
(C) Lord Ripon.
(D) Lord Curzon.
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Question: 9

When ordinances can be issued by the President of India?

(A) When Parliament is not in session.
(B) During emergency.
(C) When Parliament is in session.
(D) Anytime except the duration of planning commission meeting.
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Question: 10

Article no. 14 of the Constitution of India ensures-

(A) Equality before the law and equal protection of the law.
(B) Right to freedom.
(C) Right to religion.
(D) Right to constitutional remedies.
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