General knowledge questions on india

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Monday, August 26, 2013

Question: 1

On which of the following river's in India the Nagarjuna Sagar Project is constructed?

(A) Ganga.
(B) Koshi.
(C) Godavari.
(D) Indus.
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Question: 2

Which Indian President played the role of a speaker to the 4th Lok Sabha election?

(A) Dr. Zakir Hussain.
(B) Varahagiri Venkata Giri.
(C) N. Sanjeeva Reddy.
(D) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.
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Question: 3

The time period in which the entire India comes under south-west monsoon is-

(A) 1st to 10th June.
(B) 10st to 20th June.
(C) 20st to 30th June.
(D) 1st to 15th July.
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Question: 4

The main objective of TRYSEM (an initiative by Government of India) was-

(A) To train urban youth for self employment.
(B) To train rural youth for self employment.
(C) to strengthen the information security.
(D) to inspire citizens of India to invest in government organizations.
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Question: 5

'Kuchipudi' is a famous dance form associate with which of the following state of India?

(A) Uttarpradesh.
(B) Karnataka.
(C) Andhra Pradesh.
(D) Kerala.
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Question: 6

INTERPOL is one of the major world organization headquartered at lyon, france. What is the full form of INTERPOL?

A. International Pilot Organisation.
B. International Police Organisation.
C. Inspirational Pilot Organisation.
D. Inventional Police Organisation.
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Question: 7

Ustad Alla Rakha was the master of which of the following musical instrument?

A. Sitar.
B. Violin.
C. Tabla.
D. Flute.
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Question: 8

Mohiniattom is a famous classical dance associated with which state in India?

A. Madhya Pradesh.
B. Kerala.
C. Bihar.
D. Andhra Pradesh.
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Question: 9

The first Newspaper of India "Bengal Gazette" published at Calcutta, West Bengal in-

A. 1750.
B. 1760.
C. 1850.
D. 1780.
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Question: 10

Caesar and Cleopatra is a famous play written by-

A. William Shakespeare.
B. George Bernard Shaw.
C. V.S. Naipaul.
D. Jules Verne.
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