General knowledge questions

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Sunday, August 25, 2013

Question: 1

The velocity of sound get increased(low to high) in which order within these three(Water, Iron, Air) different media?

(A) Water - Iron - Air.
(B) Iron - Air - Water.
(C) Air - Water - Iron.
(D) Iron - Water - Air.
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Question: 2

What is the function of haemoglobin, a molecule in human red blood cell?

(A) Utilisation of energy.
(B) Destruction of bacteria.
(C) Prevention of Anaemia.
(D) Transportation of Oxygen.
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Question: 3

In which of these following industry the workers are mostly get infected by Byssinosis disease?

(A) Aluminium Industry.
(B) Plastic Industry.
(C) Textile Industry.
(D) Steel Industry.
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Question: 4

If we take tamarind juice in our meals, then it will help us-

(A) To fight against tooth decay.
(B) To take care of our body to fight against different diseases.
(C) For easy digestion of food.
(D) To cut excess fat.
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Question: 5

Where is the Headquarter of INTERPOL, the International Criminal Police Organization?

(A) Bonn - Germany.
(B) Vienna - Austria.
(C) Lyon - France.
(D) Newyork - America.
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Question: 6

Which of these following kind of transformation of energy happens in photosynthesis?

(A) Solar energy to mechanical energy.
(B) Solar energy to light energy.
(C) Solar energy to Chemical energy.
(D) Chemical energy to mechanical energy.
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Question: 7

A safety match stick is coated with a combustible material at the tip, which is known as-

(A) Sulphur.
(B) Carbon.
(C) Phosphorous.
(D) Zinc Sulphide.
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Question: 8

'Aurora Australis', a natural lightning disaster seen in which of these following region?

(A) Antarctic region.
(B) Equator.
(C) Arctic region.
(D) Tropic of Cancer.
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Question: 9

Telegraph code used for the transformation of information through telegraphy system. Telegraph code was invented by-

(A) John Logie Baird.
(B) Samuel F. B. Morse.
(C) Alexander Graham Bell.
(D) Laennec.
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Question: 10

On which of the following date the 'World Environment Day' is celebrated?

(A) January, 5
(B) March, 5
(C) June, 5
(D) November, 5
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