Monday, August 26, 2013

General knowledge quiz of india

Question: 1
Who was the General of Sher Shah, a leader of the suri empire of Indian History?

(A) Brahmajit Gaur.
(B) Dilir Khan.
(C) Shyestha Khan.
(D) Jai Singh.
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Question: 2
Who wrote Nil Darpan, an Indian Bengali play?

(A) Madhusudan dutta.
(B) Dinobondhu Mitra.
(C) Harish chandra Mukherjee.
(D) Kali prasanna singha.
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Question: 3
Right to freedom is ensured in the Constitution of Indian under which article?

(A) Article number 23
(B) Article number 25
(C) Article number 18
(D) Article number 19
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Question: 4
Kala Kshetram is a Centre of dance and Performing Arts established by-

(A) Rukmini Devi.
(B) Sonal Man Singh.
(C) Sutapa Talukdar.
(D) Birju Maharaj.
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Question: 5
Which of the following place is the Westernmost district of West Bengal, a state of India?

(A) Bankura.
(B) Paschim Medinipur.
(C) Purulia.
(D) Burdwan.
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Question: 6
Which of the following place is the World's most hottest place?
A. Delhi.
B. Jekobabad.
C. Canberra.
D. New York
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Question: 7
What is the currency of Saudi Arabia?
A. Rupee.
B. Saudi riyal.
C. Peso.
D. Pound.
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Question: 8
Operation Neptune Sphere was an army operation against al-Qaeda group leader Osama bin Laden. This operation was planned by which country?
A. America.
B. India.
C. Pakistan.
D. China.
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Question: 9
National Institute of Oceanography is situated in which of the following place in India?
A. Uttar Pradesh.
B. Goa.
C. Himachal Pradesh.
D. Delhi.
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Question: 10
CDAC is an Informational technology based government organization in India. What is the full form of CDAC?
A. Centre for Development of Advanced Committee.
B. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing.
C. Centre for Divercification of Advanced Computing.
D. Centre for Development of Artificicial Computing.
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