General Knowledge sports special - helpful for banking exams

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Question: 1

The term 'Scoop' is associated with which games or sports?

(A) Cricket.
(B) Hockey.
(C) Chess.
(D) Volly Ball.
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Question: 2

Chennaswami stadium is a cricket stadium in India which is located in-

(A) Bangalore.
(B) New Delhi.
(C) Kolkata.
(D) Cuttack.
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Question: 3

Which of the following cricket team won the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup?

(A) Australia.
(B) England.
(C) Sri Lanka.
(D) India.
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Question: 4

Aga khan cup is associated with which games or sports?

(A) Hockey.
(B) Polo.
(C) Cricket.
(D) Football.
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Question: 5

Which of the following team won the 2010 FIFA(Federation Internationale de Football Association) World Cup Football?

(A) Italy.
(B) Brazil.
(C) Spain.
(D) England.
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Question: 6

In which of the following year Indian shooter Abhinav Bindra got the gold medal at Olympic Games?

(A) 2004.
(B) 2006.
(C) 2008.
(D) 2012.
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Question: 7

Deodhar trophy is related with which of the following sports or games?

(A) Cricket.
(B) Football.
(C) Hockey.
(D) Asian Badminton.
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Question: 8

Which of the following team was the runner up in 2003 ICC world cup cricket?

(A) Australia.
(B) India.
(C) England.
(D) South Africa.
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Question: 9

Which of the following will be the length of a cricket pitch?

(A) 22 yards.
(B) 30 yards.
(C) 50 yards.
(D) 80 yards.
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Question: 10

2010 winter olympic games held in which of the following place?

(A) Germany.
(B) Japan.
(C) Canada.
(D) France.
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