important Gk questions

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Thursday, August 8, 2013
Question: 1
Swathling Cup is associated with which of these following games or sports?

(A) Volleyball.
(B) Basketball.
(C) Bridge.
(D) Table Tennis.
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Question: 2
Which of the following is the national game of India?

(A) Football.
(B) Cricket.
(C) Tennis.
(D) Hockey.
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Question: 3
Which of the following team is the winner of FIFA World Cup 2010?

(A) Netherlands.
(B) Spain.
(C) Germany.
(D) Australia.
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Question: 4
Which of the following interest rate is not determined by RBI (Reserve Bank of India)?

(A) Bank Rate.
(B) CRR.
(C) SLR.
(D) PLR.
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Question: 5
Which of these following person called for Evergreen Revolution?

(A) M.S Swaminathan.
(B) A.P.J Abdul Kalam.
(C) Dr. Manmohan Singh.
(D) M.S. Ahluwaliah.
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Question: 6
Mosses and Lichens are characteristic vegetation of what kind of environmental region?

(A) Hot desert region.
(B) Mediterranean region.
(C) Temperate region.
(D) Tundra region.
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Question: 7
The famous Ajanta Caves paintings of Indian History has been made during the reign of which emperor or dynasty?

(A) Arya.
(B) Guptas.
(C) Pallava.
(D) None of these.
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Question: 8
What is the heritage name of Gujarat, an Indian state?

(A) Lay.
(B) Amritsar.
(C) East pakistan.
(D) Saurashtra.
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Question: 9
The disease Goitre infect thyroid gland of human beings due to the insufficiency of which of the following nutrients in their diet?

(A) Sodium.
(B) Protein.
(C) Iron.
(D) Iodine.
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Question: 10
The famous Lamarckian theory of organic evolution is commonly known as-

(A) Human genom.
(B) Theory of speed.
(C) Inheritence of acquired characters.
(D) Evolution.
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