IBPS model papers for CWE clerk 2013 - General Awareness

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Question: 1
'Smart Money' is a finance related term used for-

(A) Internet Banking.
(B) Credit card.
(C) Cash with Bank.
(D) Cash with public.
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Question: 2
Name the first Indian women to win an Olympic medal?

(A) Saina Nehwal.
(B) karnam Malleswari.
(C) Sania Mirza.
(D) P. T. Usha.
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Question: 3
Which of the following Indian person at first swim across the English Channel?

(A) Arati Saha.
(B) Brojen Das.
(C) Abhijit Rao.
(D) Mihir Sen.
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Question: 4
Inside Trading is related to which of these following field?

(A) Share Market.
(B) Horse racing.
(C) Taxation.
(D) Public Expenditure.
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Question: 5
Which of the following Indian person at first drive a Formula One Car?

(A) Paramjit Singh.
(B) Sabastian Vettel.
(C) Narayan Karthikeyan.
(D) Karun Chandhok.
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Question: 6
What is the full form of GUID in the field of computer science?

A. Globally Unique Instructer.
B. Gigabyte Unique Identifier.
C. Globally Unique Identifier.
D. Globally Universal Identifier.
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Question: 7
Biosphere is an part of the Earth where life can exist and survive. What is the term 'bios' refers to in the word Biosphere?

A. Human beings.
B. Life.
C. Art of surviving.
D. Nature.
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Question: 8
Which of the following layer is the first and lowest most layer of the earth's atmosphere?

A. Stratosphere.
B. Troposphere.
C. Mesosphere.
D. Thermosphere.
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Question: 9
British plant biochemist Robin Hill demonstrated Hill reaction in 1939. Hill reaction is associated with which of these following biological process?

A. Transpiration.
B. Fermentation.
C. Photosynthesis.
D. Germination.
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Question: 10
Which of the following country is not a member of ASEAN(Association of Southeast Asian Nations)?

A. Laos
B. Myanmar
C. Combodia
D. Taiwan
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