IBPS model papers for PO exam 2013

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Thursday, September 5, 2013

Question: 1

'Commercial Papers' are issued by-

(A) A company to a bank.
(B) Banks to companies.
(C) Banks to Banks.
(D) Company to its suppliers.
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Question: 2

'MAT' provision is a term related to Income Tax stands for-

(A) Medium Alternate Tax.
(B) Maximum Alternate Tax.
(C) Minimum Alternate Tax.
(D) Mild Alternate Tax.
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Question: 3

How much long(Approx) Half Marathon is?

(A) 21 km.
(B) 24 km.
(C) 27 km.
(D) 30 km.
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Question: 4

Which of the following person is called as 'The Parrot of Hindustan'?

(A) Ziauddin Barani.
(B) Utbi.
(C) Alberuni.
(D) Amir Khasru.
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Question: 5

The play 'Raddhasangit' is based on the life of which of these following personalities?

(A) Shyamal Mitra.
(B) Hemanta Mukherjee.
(C) Purnadas Baaul.
(D) Debabrata Biswas.
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Question: 6

Google, Yahoo and Bing these are mainly-

A. a referral based company.
B. a online search Engine based company.
C. a social media company.
D. a offline marketing based company.
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Question: 7

What is the term 'NAT' stand for in the field of Computer Networking?

A. Network address transmission.
B. Network area transmission.
C. Network address translation.
D. Network advanced transformation.
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Question: 8

Black Arm is a disease associated with which of the following plant?

A. Potato.
B. Cotton.
C. Rice.
D. Maize.
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Question: 9

Auxin is a plant hormone discovered in 1880 by which of these following scientist?

A. Kurosava
B. Darwin
C. Lethem
D. Carnes
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Question: 10

How much percentage of Oxygen consist in the Atmosphere?

A. 78 percent.
B. 21 percent.
C. 0.03 percent.
D. 5 percent.
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