Computer Awareness questions and answers

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Thursday, December 12, 2013
Question: 1
Main folder on a storage device is called as-

(A) Platform.
(B) Interface.
(C) Root directory.
(D) Device driver.
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Question: 2
Sending a E-mail(Electronic mail) is similar to-

(A) Writing a letter.
(B) Drawing a picture.
(C) Collecting raw data.
(D) Installing a device.
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Question: 3
Something which has easily understood instructions is said to be-

(A) User friendly.
(B) Information.
(C) Icon.
(D) Word processing.
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Question: 4
Junk E-mail is also called as-

(A) Spam.
(B) Spoof.
(C) Sniffer script.
(D) Spool.
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Question: 5
Text that have been cut or copied is stored in the area called-

(A) Paste board.
(B) Copy board.
(C) Clip board.
(D) Recyle Bin.
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Question: 6
What is the full form of UUID?

A. Under unique identifier.
B. Uninterruptable unique identifier.
C. Universally unique identifier.
D. Universally unique identification.
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Question: 7
PROLOG is computer programming language used for-

A. Web Programming only.
B. AI (Artificial Intelligence).
C. Making Server Computer.
D. Making software drivers.
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Question: 8
Adsense is a Advertising solution for publishers. Adsense services are provided by which of the following company?

A. Microsoft.
B. Google
C. Yahoo
D. Facebook
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Question: 9
How we can restrict the size of a file?

A. by placing it under a folder.
B. by placing it under various subfolders.
C. by zipping it.
D. by making it hidden.
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Question: 10
Email processing is a type of functions that are performed by-

A. Personal computers.
B. Servers.
C. Application softwares without any connection.
D. only supercomputers.
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