Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Geography for west bengal staff selection commission exam

Question: 1

Which of the following is the biggest zilla in India?

(A) Katihar.
(B) Ladakh.
(C) Mayurvanj.
(D) Burdwan.
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Question: 2

Which of the following is the biggest fair(Mela) in India?

(A) Kumv.
(B) Sagar Mela.
(C) Pongal.
(D) Pushkar Fair.
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Question: 3

Which of the following is the biggest museum in India?

(A) Asiatic Society.
(B) Delhi Museum.
(C) Jaipur Museum.
(D) Indian Museum.
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Question: 4

Which of the following is called as the roof of the earth?

(A) Chotonagpur.
(B) Pamir.
(C) Malnad.
(D) Tibbet.
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Question: 5

Which of the following country is the neighborhood country of Indian state, West Bengal?

(A) Bangladesh.
(B) Sikkim.
(C) Mayanmar.
(D) Srilanka.
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Question: 6

What is the capital of Iran?

A. Budapest
B. Victoria
C. Teheran
D. Beirut
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Question: 7

In Earth there is lot's of water present in it. That's why Earth is known as-

A. Green Planet
B. Red Planet
C. Blue Planet
D. White Planet
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Question: 8

"Goldilock Zone" is an behavior of the planet. It means-

A. weather consists of too hot.
B. weather consists of cold.
C. all the variation of weather to live.
D. weather suitable for some certain species.
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Question: 9

Which of the following planet is the only satellite to the Earth?

A. Moon
B. Mars
C. Jupiter
D. None of these.
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Question: 10

Selenology is an geographical study associated with-

A. Moon
B. Earth
C. Water of Earth
D. Animals
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