Computer Awareness questions-answers part one

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Question: 1

Which of the following is the example of a toggle key?

(A) Alt.
(B) Shift.
(C) Control.
(D) Caps lock.
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Question: 2

Rollback in a database is an example of what kind of statement?

(A) TCL.
(B) DCL.
(C) DML.
(D) DDL.
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Question: 3

The disks stores information in which of the following format?

(A) Tables.
(B) Rows and columns.
(C) Blocks.
(D) Tracks and sectors.
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Question: 4

Which of the following type of file can be executed without mentioning its extension name?

(A) .exe
(B) .bat
(C) .com
(D) All of the above file format.
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Question: 5

Which of the following makes a programming language slow in execution?

(A) Interpreter.
(B) Compiler.
(C) Assembler.
(D) Linker.
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Question: 6

What is the full form of LED?

A. Lowest Emitting Diode.
B. Light Emergency Diode.
C. Light Emitting Diode.
D. Light Emitting Discovery.
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Question: 7

What is a Zombie?

A. A operating syatem that helps user to communicate with various applications.
B. A computer hacked by someone for unethical purpose.
C. A networking device used for security purpose.
D. A situation when the operating system get corrupted.
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Question: 8

If user want to search anything with FIND option then the user will get it under-

A. File tab
B. Edit tab
C. View tab
D. Format tab
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Question: 9

Which computer port is most suitable for accessing pen drives?

A. Network Interface Card.
B. USB(Universal Serial Bus).
C. Graphics port.
D. Disk drive.
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Question: 10

Dial up connection used for connecting the computer system with the Internet. Dial up connection is the-

A. Fastest connection.
B. Slowest connection.
C. Faster than wireless media.
D. Fastest connection used for experiment purposes.
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