General Science Questions Answers

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Thursday, February 13, 2014

Question: 1

Which of the following electromagnetic radiation has the longer wavelength than other?

(A) X rays.
(B) Gamma rays.
(C) Microwaves.
(D) Infrared.
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Question: 2

Which of the following is known as the "love apple"?

(A) Tomato.
(B) Orange.
(C) Potato.
(D) Lime.
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Question: 3

Gold dissolved in the mixture of Hcl and Hno3 in the proportion of-

(A) 1:3
(B) 3:1
(C) 1:8
(D) 8:1
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Question: 4

Ivory black produced from which of the following thnigs?

(A) Cherring bones.
(B) Medical watages.
(C) Human Mass.
(D) Coals dust.
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Question: 5

How many bones a child has?

(A) 206
(B) 505
(C) 350
(D) 180
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Question: 6

Study related with the lifespan in space is called as-

A. Genetics.
B. Gynecology.
C. Exobiology.
D. Taxology.
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Question: 7

Study related to the invention of the origin of new life is called as-

A. Metazoans.
B. Homeothermic.
C. Evolution.
D. Gerontology.
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Question: 8

Linnaeus divide organism into two types planate and Animalia. That's why Linnaeua is called as the-

A. Inventor of Organisms.
B. Father of Heridity.
C. Father of Taxonomy.
D. King of Kingdom.
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Question: 9

Mucor is an example of what kind of species?

A. Protista.
B. Monera.
C. Fungi.
D. Planatae.
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Question: 10

In case of Binomial nomenclature system which part is used to written in capital?

A. Species.
B. Genus name.
C. Both Species and Genus name.
D. Only the first letter of the species.
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