Indian history questions answers

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Question: 1

Who is the biggest king of chola empire?

(A) Arinjaya Chola.
(B) Vijayalaya Chola.
(C) Rajendra chol.
(D) Gandaraditya Chola.
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Question: 2

On which of the following year battle of Khanuar was held?

(A) 1527.
(B) 1556.
(C) 1627.
(D) 1656.
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Question: 3

At the time of gupta reign which Chinese foreigner came at India?

(A) Hu-en-sung.
(B) fa-hein.
(C) Badauni.
(D) Ibn Battuta.
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Question: 4

On which of the following year the first battle of Karnataka was held?

(A) 1761.
(B) 1526.
(C) 1556.
(D) 1746.
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Question: 5

Jallianwala Bagh massacre held on which of these following date?

(A) 13th april, 1910.
(B) 11th april, 1920.
(C) 13th april, 1919.
(D) 11th april, 1925.
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Question: 6

Which of the following religion is known as the Apaurasheya in Indian history?

A. Mahajanapadas.
B. Vedas.
C. Tirthankaras.
D. Jainism.
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Question: 7

In vedic era Asikani is an Rigvedic name of modern history. Which of the following river is known as Asikani?

A. Indus.
B. Chenab.
C. Sutlej.
D. Kabul.
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Question: 8

Sabha and Samiti are the culture of vedic era to make-

A. a queen for a village.
B. someone the all in all of the village.
C. control over the kingdom.
D. family between a men and women.
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Question: 9

Who was the succecedor of Nag-Dasak?

A. Shisunaga.
B. Sunidha.
C. Ugrasena.
D. Chandragupta Maurya.
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Question: 10

Dilwara temples is an greeat architectural example of which of the following dynasty?

A. Sikh dynasty.
B. Jaina dynasty.
C. Maurya dynasty.
D. Sangam dynasty.
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