Sunday, February 9, 2014

Science quiz questions

Question: 1

Which of the following acid is mostly found in mars?

(A) H2SO4.
(B) HCL.
(C) HNO3.
(D) H2CO3.
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Question: 2

Nephritis disease is associated with which of the following part of human body?

(A) Kidney.
(B) Eye.
(C) Heart.
(D) Bone.
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Question: 3

How much percentage of the human blood contains plasma?

(A) 55%.
(B) 5%.
(C) 90%.
(D) 10%.
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Question: 4

The blue color of the Neon sign in advertisement is due to which of the following gas?

(A) Oxygen.
(B) Carbon-di-oxide.
(C) Hydrozen.
(D) Nitrogen.
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Question: 5

Which of the following is the main element of skin?

(A) Calcium.
(B) Fat.
(C) Collagen.
(D) Phosphorus.
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Question: 6

What is the scientific name of wheat?

A. Homo sapians.
B. Bos indicus.
C. Triticum aestivum.
D. Oryza sativa.
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Question: 7

Who discovered Ribosome, found almost in all living cells?

A. Palade.
B. De Duve.
C. Boveri.
D. Altman.
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Question: 8

Which of the following element is called as the "Kitchen of the cell"?

A. Leucoplast.
B. Chloroplasts.
C. Vacoule.
D. Ribosomes.
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Question: 9

DNA (Deoxyribo nucleic acid) is a macromolecules mainly found in which of the following element?

A. Vocoule.
B. Nucleus.
C. Chloroplast.
D. Cytosole.
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Question: 10

Sunflower plants are of which category?

A. Rosaceae.
B. Malvaceae.
C. Rutaceae.
D. Composite.
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