Current Affairs 20-30 th April, 2014

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Question: 1

Joe Biden visit and promises support to Ukraine against russia. Who is Joe Biden?

(A) Prime minister of China.
(B) Vice President of the United States.
(C) President of the United States.
(D) Foreign Minister of India.
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Question: 2

Recently who give curative petition to supreme court to decriminalizing the homosexuality?

(A) Prime minister of India.
(B) LGBT community.
(C) President of India.
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Question: 3

Kiev give permission to Ukraine Government to use army in Sloviansk. Sloviansk is a city in-

(A) Eastern Ukraine.
(B) Western Ukraine.
(C) North Ukraine.
(D) Southern Ukraine.
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Question: 4

Football manager Tito Vilanova died on 17th September. He was an retired coach of which of the following team?

(A) Real Madrid.
(B) Barcelona.
(C) Manchester City.
(D) Manchester United.
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Question: 5

Who joined first time as the permanent vice-chancellor of Presidency University?

(A) Sumantra Chattarji.
(B) Debiprosad Sarkar.
(C) Anuradha Lohia.
(D) Avijit Chakraborty.
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Question: 6

Welspun is the largest Indian solar plant situated in which of the following state in India?

(A) Madhya Pradesh.
(B) Uttar Pradesh.
(C) Maharashtra.
(D) West Bengal.
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Question: 7

Rajiv Gandhi Leadership Award 2014 was given to which of the following personality?

(A) Narendra Modi.
(B) Chetan Bahgat.
(C) Aarti Devi.
(D) Ajim Premji.
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Question: 8

Larsen & Toubro Limited also popularly known as L&T is an India's largest-

(A) Medical Company.
(B) Engineering Company.
(C) Food Industry.
(D) Regional Rural Bank .
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Question: 9

Tata Group is a multinational corporation of India which was founded in 1868 by-

(A) Ratan Tata.
(B) Jamsetji Tata.
(C) Cyrus Pallonji Mistry.
(D) J. R. D. Tata.
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Question: 10

Finance Minister of India recently appointed ILa Patnaik as the -

(A) Chief Justice of India.
(B) Solicitor General of India.
(C) Principal Economic Advisor of India.
(D) Foreign Minister of India.
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