Gk quiz

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Question: 1

Kaziranga National park in India is famous for which of the following animal?

(A) One horned Rhinos.
(B) Tiger.
(C) Lion.
(D) Birds.
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Question: 2

Head quarter of International committee of Red Cross is situated in which place?

(A) Kathmandu, Nepal.
(B) Vienna, Austria.
(C) Geneva, Switzerland.
(D) New York, USA
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Question: 3

Which of the following is the highest national civilian award of India?

(A) Param vir chakra.
(B) Bharat Ratna.
(C) Nobel prize.
(D) Dada Saheb Phalke Award.
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Question: 4

Who is called as "the father of the symphony"?

(A) Verrier Elwin.
(B) Le Corbusier.
(C) Franz Joseph Haydn.
(D) Ludwig Guttenbrunn.
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Question: 5

What is kabuki?

(A) Traditional dance drama of Japan.
(B) Traditional food of Japan.
(C) Traditional dance drama of India.
(D) Traditional food of China.
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Question: 6

Who is the first women president of India?

A. Sarojini Naidu.
B. Srimati Pratibha Devisingh Patel.
C. Indira Gandhi.
D. Kiren Bedi.
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Question: 7

Which of the following is the India's first Nuclear power center?

A. Tarapur.
B. Hooghly.
C. Sriharicota.
D. Gorakhpur.
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Question: 8

Which Indian Women at first received the Bharat Ratna Award?

A. Sonia Gandhi.
B. Indira Gandhi.
C. Mother Teresa.
D. Annie Besant.
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Question: 9

Who was the first Governor General of India?

A. Lord William Bentinck.
B. Lord Clive.
C. Lord Canning
D. Sir James Watson.
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Question: 10

INS Vikrant is the first Indian-

A. Ship.
B. Aircraft Carrier.
C. Anti Tank Missile.
D. Nuclear Rocket.
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