Computer knowledge quiz

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Monday, June 30, 2014
1. Which of the following is another name for a per-programmed formula in excel?
(A) Range.
(B) Graph.
(C) Function.
(D) Cell.

2. To save a document for the first time, which option is used?
(A) Save as.
(B) Save first.
(C) Save on.
(D) Paste.

3. What is a device that can change images into codes for the computer?
(A) Mouse.
(B) Printer.
(C) Keyboard.
(D) Scanner.

4. Which of the following two basic types of graphics are used in Microsoft Word 2000?
(A) Auto shapes and Clip Art.
(B) Header and footer.
(C) Drawing objects and pictures.
(D) Undo and Redu.

5. Which of the following command helps user to search for and correct words in a document?
(A) Printer and print preview.
(B) Horizontal and Vertical.
(C) Find and replace.
(D) Spelling and grammar.

6. What is the name of the first Home Computer or Personal Computer?
A. C-Dot.
C. Comodor VIC/20.

7. Which of the following is the first computer language?
C. C.

8. ORACLE, a popular computer language is based on which computer generation?
A. First Generation computer language.
B. Second Generation computer language.
C. Third Generation computer language.
D. Fourth Generation computer language.

9. PROLOG computer language is of which computer generation?
A. 2nd Generation computer.
B. 3rd Generation computer.
C. 4rd Generation computer.
D. 5th Generation computer.

10. Integrated Circuit(IC) is developed by which of the following person?
A. Bill gates.
B. John Van Newman.
C. J.P. Ekart.
D. J.S. Kilbi.