Easy general knowledge quiz

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Monday, June 30, 2014
1. Calsiferol is the scientific name of which of the following vitamin?
A. Vitamin A.
B. Vitamin B.
C. Vitamin C.
D. Vitamin D.

2. Vernacular press act passed on which of the following year?
A. 1858.
B. 1868.
C. 1878.
D. 1978.

3. Which of the following is measured using Beaufort scale?
A. Electric Energy.B. Speed of Light.
C. Speed of Sound.
D. Wind Speed.

4. In which of the following state in India there is a rainfall in winter?
A. Kerala.
B. Telengana.
C. West Bengal.
D. Tamil Nadu.

5. What type of movement seen in lotus plant?
A. Tactic Movement.
B. Nastic Movement.
C. Tropic Movement.
D. Hyponasty Movement.

6. Which of the following blood group is a Universal recipient?
A. Group A.
B. Group B.
C. Group O.
D. Group AB.

7. In India, National Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on which of the following date?
A. 24th February.
B. 26th August.
C. 24th December.
D. 26th December.

8. C is a programming language of which of the following computer generation?
A. First Generation.
B. Second Generation.
C. Third Generation.
D. Fouth Generation.

9. Artificial Intelligence language will be used in which of the following generation of computers?
A. Third Generation computers.
B. Second Generation computers.
C. Fourth Generation computers.
D. Fifth Generation computers.

10. Which of the following day is observed as Computer Literacy Day?
A. December 1.
B. December 2.
C. December 10.
D. December 21.