Monday, June 9, 2014

Top 10 Funny Quiz Questions and Answers: Fun Quizzes

We all love fun quizzes. Here is some of the laughable funny trivia quiz questions that can make your day.

Question: 1

Which of the following table you can eat?

(A) Dining table.
(B) Computer table.
(C) Vegetable.
(D) None of these.
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Question: 2

What will happen if microsoft buy facebook?

(A) Mark Zuckerberg will marry Bill Gate's wife.
(B) Bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg will be enemies.
(C) Bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg will be friends.
(D) We have to install drivers to send or accept friend request.
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Question: 3

Lorita is asking her friend Lisa which is the best dress to seduce my husband?

(A) Red dress.
(B) Pink dress.
(C) Undress.
(D) Yellow dress.
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Question: 4

Which of the following book is famous all over the world?

(A) Arts book.
(B) Science book.
(C) Commerce book.
(D) Facebook.
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Question: 5

Which is the most expensive gate?

(A) Colgate.
(B) Bill Gates.
(C) Machine Gate.
(D) Electronic Gate.
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Question: 6

Which animal is associated with Computer Hardware devices?

(A) Keyboard.
(B) Monitor.
(C) Mouse.
(D) Printer.
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Question: 7

Which computer storage medium helps us to write and also drive?

(A) Hard Disc.
(B) Pen Drive.
(C) Floppy Disc.
(D) Memory Card.
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Question: 8

Whose daddy agreed to gives us space for internet?

(A) My Daddy.
(B) Godaddy.
(C) My Uncles Daddy.
(D) Super Daddy.
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Question: 9

Find the odd man out.

(A) Random
(B) Memorandum
(C) Condom
(D) Conduct
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Question: 10

We all know that when we get ill there might be a flue in our body. Our computer also when got ill also attacked by the same kind of flue. Which is common in both of the cases is known as-

(A) Flue.
(B) Bacteria.
(C) Virus.
(D) Fungi.
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