Latest Current Affairs Update June,2014

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Q 1. Clearing Corporation of India has been granted as the status of Qualified Central Counter Party (QCCP) by which of the following organization?
A. Credit Information Bureau Limited is India (CIBIL).
C. Reserve Bank Of India(RBI).

Q 2. The Union finance minister consider proposal to provide a fixed tenure of how many years to the heads of all PSB'S (public sector banks)?
A. One Years.
B. Five Years.
C. Ten Years.
D.Fifteen Years.

Q 3. Which Indian Hindi poet has been chosen as the recipients for the Jnanpith award, 2013?
A. ‎Ashok Chakradhar.B. Chetan Bhagat.
C. Kedarnath Singh.
D. DR Bendre.

Q 4. As per the Lok Sabha Polls 2014 which party got 35% of total vote?

Q 5. In 2014 Lok Sabha Election who has been selected for BJP's prime ministerial candidate?
A. Amit Shah.
B. Narendra Damodar Das Modi.
C. Arun Jaitly.
D. Uma Bharti.

Q 6. Which of the following was the mascot for FIFA World Cup Football Brazil, 2014?
A. Paulina Flower.
B. Smiling Buddha.
C. Smiling Armadillo.
D. Man with Candle.

Q 7. In which of the following place 2022 FIFA World Cup Football will held?
A. Russia.
B. Brazil
C. Qatar.
D. Germany.

Q 8. Which of the following is not a recipient of  2014 Padma Bhushan Award?
A. Kamal Haasan.
B. Begum Parveen Sultana.
C. Gulam Mohammed Sheikh.
D. Rohit Sharma.

Q 9. In which of the following field B. K. S. Iyengar got 2014 Padma Vibhushan Award?
A. Music.
B. Science and Technology.
C. Medicine.
D. Yoga.

Q 10. Which of the following is the correct ranking of teams provided by FIFA in 2014?
A. Spain-Germany-Portugal-Brazil.
B. Spain-Brazil-Portugal-Germany.
C. Germany-Brazil-Portugal-Spain.
D. Germany-Spain-Portugal-Brazil.

Q 11. Sunil Das who recently got Padma Shri Awards is associated with which field?
A. Medicine.
B. Painting.
C. Computer Science.
D. Dance.