Computer Networking Interview Questions

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Sunday, June 29, 2014
Q 1.  LAN is a network technology used for small area networks. What is the full form of LAN?
A. Limited Area Network.
B. Local Area Network.
C. Local Antenna Network.
D. Local Agricultural Network.

Q 2. A municipality network of a town is an example of what kind of network?
A. LAN (Local Area Network).
B. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network).
C. WAN (Wide Area Network).
D. Only a wireless network.

Q 3. WAN is a network technology based on a vast area of the whole world. Which of these following is work upon WAN technology?
A. Cybercafe.
B. Internet.
C. Branches of Banks.
D.Local Cable television network.

Q 4. FDM or Frequency Division Multiplexing is a multiplexing technique which is a carrier of frequency is based upon what kind of technology?
A. Digital technology.
B. Analog technology.
C. Only Electronic technology.
D. only Infrared.

Q 5. What is the acronym for WWW?
A. World Wide Web.
B. World With Web.
C. World Wonder Web.
D. World Wave Web.

Q 6. A standard data communication system model known as Open System Interconnect(OSI) model is divided into how many layers?
A. Five.
B. Seven.
C. Ten.
D. Fifteen.

Q 7. Which layer of the OSI model can detect a link error in a data communication system?
A. Application Layer.
B. Network Layer.
C. Data Link Layer.
D. Physical Layer.

Q 8. In which network topology a host can be connected with every other host directly?
A. Bus topology.
B. Ring topology.
C. Mesh topology.
D. Start topology.

Q 9. In case of Cryptography Encryption means-
A. Plain text is encrypted to Cypher text.
B. Cypher text is encrypted to Plain text.
C. Digital data in hidden format.
D. Text file that contains inside a folder.

Q 10. Which network topology follows a Hierarchical Structure?
A. Mesh Network Topology.
B. Tree Network Topology.
C. Daisy Chain.
D. Point to Point Network Topology.