Sports Quiz

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Monday, June 30, 2014
1. The term "Bestball" is associated with which of the following sport?
(A) Cricket.
(B) Football.
(C) Lawn tennis.
(D) Boxing.

2. Which of the following Indian bodybuilder was Mr Universe in 1952?
(A) Gautam Kalita.
(B) Manohar Aich.
(C) Suhas Khamkar.
(D) Rajendran Mani.

3. In the field of sports Dronacharya award is given for which category?
(A) the best player in a sports match.(B) the coaches.
(C) the retired player.
(D) the highest scorer in lifetime.

4. Jason Day a professional golfer belongs to which of the following country?
(A) India.
(B) Pakistan.
(C) South Africa.
(D) Germany.

5. Evergreen women Yelena Isinbayeva is associated with which of the following sport?
(A) Weight lifting.
(B) Cricket.
(C) Pole vault.
(D) Football.

6. The Olympic games is at first hosted in which year?
A. 1910.
B. 1920.
C. 1930.
D. 1940.

7. M. C. Mary Kom is an popular Indian athletics personality is related to which games or sports?
A. Cycling.
B. Wrestling.
C. Badminton.
D. Shooting.

8. Which games or sports event of the world is known as the British Empire games?
A. Olympic Games.
B. Commonwealth Games.
C. Asian Games.
D. X Games.

9. SAF is a popular game events all over the world. What is the full form of SAF?
A. The South Asian Federation Games.
B. The Seven Atlantic Federation Games.
C. The South Asian Fundamental Games.
D. The South Aatlantic Federation Games.

10. What will be the width of a Cricket Bat (approx)?
A. 8 cm.
B. 9 cm.
C. 10.8 cm.
D. 12.8 cm.