World general knowledge

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Monday, June 30, 2014
1. How many hyms are there in Rik Veda?
A. 1024.
B. 1028.
C. 1032.
D. 1036.

2. Cabinet mission came at India in which of the following year?
A. 1942.
B. 1944.
C. 1946.
D. 1948.

3. In which era Urdu language came at India?
A. Balban era.
B. Mughal era.
C. Pallav era.
D. Mongol Era.

4. Who translate Ramayana in Farshi language?
A. Badayuni.
B. Firdousi.
C. Abul Fazal.
D. Jahangir.

5. Which of the following planet takes less time to get once around the earth?
A. Plato.
B. Mercury.
C. Mars.
D. Jupiter.

6. Which of the following port is the biggest port in India?
A. Kolkata.
B. Bangalore.
C. Hydrabad.
D. Mumbai.

7. Which of the following city in India known as "Rome of Asia"?
A. Bangalore.
B. Delhi.
C. Kanpur.
D. kolkata.

8. Which of the following instrument is used to measure the source of Earthquake?
A. Thermometer.
B. Lactometer.
C. Sismograph.
D. Hydrograph.

9. How two computers can share its peripheral devices with each other?
A. If both computer have high processing spped.
B. If they connected through a Network.
C. If both the computers are Super computers.
D. If both the computers have same hardware devices.

10. System and Application are the two main categories of which of the following thing in computer technology?
A. Files
B. Software
C. Hardware
D. Network