World History Questions Answers

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, July 1, 2014
1. Which of the following Army or Battalion is known as the Mukti Bahini?
A. Army from East India Company.
B. Army of Mughal Empire.
C. Army of freedom fighters of erstwhile East Pakistan.
D. Army of Pallava era.

2. In which year a battle of Gettysburg a key clash?
A. The Battle of Panipath, 1526
B. The American civil war, 1863.
C. The Battle of LOC, 2000
D. The Battle of khanwa, 1527.

3. Which of the following person is known as Jalad ed-Din Mohammed?
A. Ibrahim Lodi.B. Babar.
C. Akbar the great.
D.Chndragupta Maurya.

4. In American foklore what is Edward Teach better known as?
A. War Troops.
B. Iceash.
C. Snowball.
D. Blackbeard.

5. Name the Mongol emperor who founded the yuan dynasty and completed the mongol dynasty in China?
A. Sher Shah.
B. Murshil Uli Khan.
C. Kublai Khan.
D.Mohammad Bin Tughlak.

6. In the year 1487 "Cape of Good Hope" was discovered by whom?
A. Robert Peary.
B. Richard Arkwright.
C. Bartholomew Diaz.
D. James Watt.

7. Boston Tea Party formed in which of the following year?
A. 1767.
B. 1773.
C. 1789.
D. 1848.

8. The first world war was started in which year?
A. 1914.
B. 1918.
C. 1988.
D. 1990.

9. The beginning of Hijira era in World History was on 622 BC with the migration of which king?
A. Alexander.
B. Muhammad.
C. Hitler.
D. Lenin.

10. Battle of Platae happened between Greek and Persians in 479 BC. The result of the war was-
A. Defeat of Greek forces.
B. Defeat of Persians.
C. Both the forces finished in the war.
D. No result known.