Banking Awareness Questions Set

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Monday, July 14, 2014
1. What is Financial inclusion, a term used frequently in the field of banking and finance?
A. financial help for only business persons.
B. financial help to only Urban people.
C. financial helps to everyone at affordable cost.
D. financial aid for no income persons only.

2. What is Hot Money?
A. A amount of money stored in a country to get benefit from it.
B. A currency of a country.
C. It is the money earner by exporting and importing of the countries goods.
D. It is the money of all the politicians of a country.

3. What is Misselling, a term associated with share market?
A. to sell products only to rich persons.B. selling of somebody's share without informing him.
C. offering higher return than other financial agencies to destroy their position in the market.
D. selling only demo products.

4. RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is planning to bring up plastic currency notes. What will be the benefit of this?
A. People will like plastic notes more than paper currency.
B. The lifetime of the plastic currency notes will be longer.
C. Plastic note will be detected by money machines easily.
D. Plastic notes will reduce cost of making.

5. Money lender for small borrowers is what kind of activity?
A. formal activity.
B. informal activity.
C. both formal and informal activity.
D. its is a activity of famous business persons.

6. 100 bsp (basis points) is equal to how many percentage point?
A. 1 percentage point.
B. 10 percentage point.
C. 10 percentage point.
D. 100 percentage point.

7. What is Repo rate in the field of banking industry?
A. It is the rate at which RBI borrows money from banks.
B. It is the rate at which General people borrows from banks.
C. It is the rate at which Banks borrows money from supreme banking authority.
D. It is the rate at which Banks borrows money from other banks.

8. It is shown that most of the times Reverse repo rate is 1 percent less than which of the following rate used in banking sector?
B. Repo Rate.
D. Bank rate.

9. MSF(Merginal Standing facility) is being introduced by RBI in its monetory policyof which of the following period?
A. 2009-2010.
B. 2010-2011.
C. 2011-2012.
D. 2013-2014.

10. Which of the following is the final borrowing option for banks?
A. LAF (Liquidity Adjustment Facility).
B. MSF (merginal Standing Facility).
C. Both LAF and MSF.
D. Equity Shares.