Banking Awareness Quizzes

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Monday, July 14, 2014
1. What is the full form of NDTL related the banking and finance activity?
A. Net Demand and Time Liabilities.
B. National Demand and Time Liabilities.
C. Net Demand and Term Lease.
D. National Demand and Term limit.

2. First Governor of RBI Sir Osborne Smith was present between which of the following period?
A. 1949-1952.
B. 1952-1957.
C. 1935-1937.
D. 1947-1949.

3. Which banking organisation is involved in regulating and maintaining RRB's(Regional rural banks)?
D. State Bank of India(SBI).

4. Cooperative banks in India is controlled by which of the following organization?
D. Forex.

5. Which bank at first started the EMI (Equated Montly Installment) system on Debit Card Payment?
A. AXIS Bank.
B. ICICI Bank.
C. SBI (State Bank of India).
D. HDFC Bank.

6. Indian persons equals to or above 80 years of age is called as-
A. Junior Citizen.
B. Senior Citizen.
C. Super Senior Citizen.
D. Retired persons.

7. In India to be a senior citizen the age must be equals to or above of which of the following year?
A. 18 years.
B. 30 years.
C. 40 years.
D. 60 years.

8. What is EMI(Equated Monthly Installment), a term used in the field of marketing and finance?
A. fixed payment given on yearly basis.
B. fixed payment given on mothly basis.
C. fixed payment given on weekly basis.
D. fixed payment given in daily basis.

9. Retail banking involves in which of the following activity?
A. dealing with large business correspondents.
B. direct dealing with customers.
C. dealing with other banks.
D. dealing with banking headquarters.

10. Personal loans is a service offered by which of the following banking type?
A. wholesale banking.
B. retail banking.
C. both wholesale and retail banking.
D. certificates of deposits (CD's).