Banking Knowledge Questions Series

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Monday, July 14, 2014
Q 1. We heard the term 'CBS' in baking operation. What does it mean by 'CBS'
A. Central Banking System.
B. Corporate Banking System.
C. Core Banking System.
D. Core Business System.

Q 2. As per the newspaper reports the RBI is planning to introduce 'Plastic Currency Notes'. What are the
benefits of plastic notes?
A. Plastic currency is easily acceptable.
B. Their self life will be longer.
C. Plastic is more environment friendly than paper.
D. All of these.

Q 3. 'Sub Prime Lending' is a term applied to which of the following persons?
A. borrowers with good credit history.B. those borrowers who does not have a good credit history.
C. Both A and B.
D. Both Borrowers and Lenders.

Q 4. As per the newspaper reports the small borrowers in rural areas still prefer to take informal route for their
credit needs. Which of the following is the 'informal route' of credit in financial sector?
A. Insurance.
B. Money Lender.
C. Share Market.
D.All of these.

Q 5. What is meant by 'Underwriting' the term frequently used in financial sector?
A. A person who is capable but ignores to pay loan amount.
B. Providing false cheques.
C. The Act of taking on a risk for a fee.
D. Providing no interest at all.

Q 6. 'Financial inclusion' is the latest powerful tool adopted by Reserve Bank of India to fulfill the basic objective of-
A. providing loans for business  persons.
B. connecting every Indian to the country's Banking system.
C. connecting all ATM providers into one.
D. providing subsidy for only BPL(Below Proverty Line) people.

Q 7. Which banking application authorizes a bank to block a specific sum of money in an individuals bank account to be invested in an initial public sector?
A. BSBDA (Basic Savings Bank and Deposit Account).
B. Account for investment in Share Market.
C. ASBA (Application Supported blocked amount).
D. Provident Fund Account.

Q 8. An economic boundary where no outside activity will happen within this boundary. It means no import and exports within this boundary. So, it will be totally self-dependent behavior of a economy. This types of economy called as-
A. Open Economy.
B. Environment Friendly Economy.
C. Closed economy.
D. Sustainable Economy.

Q 9. Retail banking is a banking business which will happen directly with individual persons or customers. Where whole banking is a banking business with-
A. small businesses or individuals.
B. large business enterprises.
C. both A and B.
D. business related to banking industry only.

Q 10. To invest in share market a special kind of account is needed. What is the name of that account?
A. Basic Savings Account.
B. Demat Account.
C. PPF Account.
D.Special Account for Senior Citizens.