Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, July 8, 2014
1. Information on a computer is stored as which of the following format?
A. Digital data.
B. Analog data.
C. Both Digital and Analog format.
D. Electronic bit.

2. Which of the following are two major categories of software?
A. System Software and Application Software.
B. Synchronize Software and Asynchronize Software.
C. System Software and Analog Software.
D. Office Software and Application Software.

3. Each box in a Excel Spreadsheet is called as-
A. Table.
B. Row.
C. Column.
D. Cell.

4. To indent the first paragraph of your report in Microsoft Excel we should use which of the following key?
A. Shift Key.
B. Ctrl Key.
C. Tab key.
D.Caps Lock.

5. Which of the following is an example of a telecommunication device?
A. Mouse.
B. Keyboard.
C. Modem.
D. Scanner.

6. If a pop up message box comes up with yes or no option. and if the user select yes then it is called as-
A. User performance.
B. User response.
C. Machine reaction.
D. Machine response time.

7. A Modem is basically connected with which of the following device?
A. Super computer.
B. Local Area Network.
C. Phone line.
D. Lease Line Network.

8. Which of the following is called as the root directory within a file structure?
A. Main directory.
B. Sub directory.
C. Files only.
D. Folder Only.

9. Which of the following format allow user to read or write into a CD(compact disc)?
B. R CD.
C. W CD.
D. Preloaded CD.

10. How we can reload a already loaded webpage?
A. By Doing Refresh.
B. By Diverting.
C. By Pressing Backspace.
D. By Deleting and reopening the webpage.