Basic Computer Knowledge

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, July 15, 2014
1. Real time operating system serves program without any buffering delays. Which of the following is/are a popular real time operating system?
A. RTLinux.
B. LynxOS.
C. Windows CE.
D. All of these.

2. .jpeg is an exmple of which type of file format?
A. Program file.
B. Executable file.
C. Music file.
D. Image file.

3. Printers that operates by striking on the ink ribbon to mark on the paper which makes typically loud sound are what kind of printers?
A. Impact Printers.B. Non-Impact Printers.
C. Laser Printers.
D. ink-jet Printers.

4.  We all know the term Windows XP associated with the field of computer. What does 'XP' means?
A. Expenses.
B. Experiments.
C. Experience.
D. Extra Passion.

5. Most of use the setup file for the installation of any software. What type of file format is used for these type of setup files?
A. .xls
B. .txt.
C. .exe
D. .doc

6. Non-Impact Printers operates soundlessly and are mostly of modern type. Which of the following is an example of Non-Impact Printers?
A. Dot matrix printers.
B. Laser printers.
C. Ink-jet printers.
Laser printers and Ink-jet printers are both.

7. which of the following is the most popular Operating system (system software) used all over the world?
A. Windows.
C. Adobe Reader.
D. VMware.

8. Software are of two types; System software and Application software. System software helps the computer to co-operate between hardware and other application software. Which of the following is a system software?
A. Firefox.
B. Microsoft Office.
C. Operating System.
D. Microsoft Excel.

9. Non-volatile type memory means the data still remain in the memory even the electric power not exist. Which of the following is an example of Non-Volatile Memory?
D. D-RAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory).

10. Which of the following memory type is smaller, faster and costlier than main memory?

C. Cache Memory.