Computer Knowledge Questions Answers

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, July 8, 2014
1. ALGOL is what kind of computer language?
A. Low level language.
B. High level language.
C. Language used for only web development.
D. Language used in supercomputers only.

2. Which of the following is a high level programming language that named after Ada Augusta, a coworker of Charles Babbage?
A. C Programming.
B. Ada.
C. Java.
D. Oracle.

3. Which of the following is one of the components of CPU that perform arithmetical and logical operations?
A. CU (Control Unit).B. Register.
C. ALU (Arithmetical logical unit).

4. What is an Archive?
A. It is a System Software.
B. It is a Virus.
C. It is a registration key used for software.
D. It is a Backup storage.

5. What is ASCII in computer technology?
A. Primary memory system of computer.
B. standard coding system for computers.
C. computer network for computer programmers.
D. hardware system that control all the unites of a computer.

6. ASCII(American Standard code for Information Interchange)-8 is an extended version of which of the following code language?

7. Which of the following program can translates mnemonic statements?
A. Compiler.
B. Assembler.
C. Memory Unit.
D. Network Component.

8. Which of the following function is known for Adding, changing and deleting of data within a particular time frame?
A. Upgrading.
B. Deleting.
C. Updating.
D. Downloading.

9. What is the correct method to shutdown the computer system?
A. Unplug all the external units.
B. Open the RAM.
C. Go to Start then click on Shut Down.
D. Switch the system off from main power source.

10. What is the job of a computer programmer?
A. building the whole computer structure.
B. writing computer program and testing it.
C. a hardware person.
D. a person only responsible for the function of networking components.