Computer Knowledge Questions

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, July 8, 2014
1. Where from we can get the Help and Support option?
A. Recycle bin.
B. Taskbar.
C. Start.
D. Properties.

2. How does Scanner works?
A. It scans only Text.
B. It scans only Pictures.
C. It scans both picture and text.
D. It can only print the document.

3. Which of the following in computer is called as Permanent memory?
C. Secondary storage.
D. CD- Drive.

4. Which type of memory is closely related to processor?
A. Secondary Memory.
B. Cache Memory.
C. Both Secondary and Cache Memory.
D. Main memory.

5. What does storage unit provide?
A. Storage for input and output data.
B. Storage for future works only.
C. Storage for information and instruction.
D. Storage for past works only.

6. What is Outlook express?
A. It is a system software that helps to operate all hardware devices with the help of programs.
B. It is used as a Email client, address book and scheduler.
C. It is a financial software.
D. It is used for only computer networking devices.

7. Which of the following network type connect computers all over the world?
A. Local Area Network.
B. Metropolitan Area Network.
C. Internet.
D. Wifi Network.

8. Which of the following is called a terminal which cannot process any information?
A. Active terminal.
B. Process terminal.
C. Dumb terminal.
D. Online terminal.

9. A device which helps us to convert Text, Shapes and pictures into Digital format?
A. Network.
B. Scanner.
C. Router.
D. Assembler.

10. If a user want to create a new document then the user will go to file menu and then click on which of the following option?
A. New.
B. Edit.
C. Open.
D. Format.