Computer Knowledge Quiz

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, July 8, 2014
1. What is the term GUI stands for in the field of computer technology?
A. Graphical User Interchange.
B. Gigabyte User Interface.
C. Graphical User Interface.
D. Gravitational User Interface.

2. What is the term CUI stands for in the field of computer technology?
A. Center User Inbuild.
B. Character User Interface.
C. Character Unlimited Interchange.
D. Chronicle Ultimate Interface.

3. Which of the following is an example of non numerical data of a database?
A. Employee contact number.
B. Employee age.
C. Employee name.
D. Employee address.

4. Which of the following function is used to combine two or more cells into a single cell?
A. Converge of cell.
B. Splitting of cell
C. Merging of cell.
D. Transferring of cell data into another cell.

5. What it is called when a directory comes under another directory?
A. Pre Directory.
B. Sub directory.
C. Post Directory.
D. Home Directory.

6. Most world wide web pages contain commands in which of the following language or code?
A. Binary Language in 0 and 1 format.
B. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).
C. Invisible coding.
D. Simple Text.

7. Every components of your computer is either-
A. Spyware or Spam ware.
B. Files or Memory.
C. Transfer code or Conversion code.
D. Hardware and software.

8. If we want to select or highlight text then which device we generally use?
A. Printer.
B. Scanner.
C. Mouse.
D. Joystick.

9. After giving input we can see the result information through which of the following device?
A. Keyboard.
B. Mouse.
C. Monitor.
D. Plotter.

10. Generally Compact disc are of what kind of shape?
A. Verticle shape.
B. Rectangular Shape.
C. Square Shape.
D. Round Shape.