Computer Knowledge

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, July 8, 2014
1. In Microsoft Word if we mistakenly type a word that does not exist in the dictionary then the word became underlines with-
A. Red color.
B. Yellow color.
C. Green color.
D. Blue color.

2. In Microsoft Paint if we want to revert to our previous position then we will follow which of the following command?
A. Redo Command.
B. Edit Command.
C. Undo Command.
D. Format Command.

3. In Microsoft Access a particular table will have maximum how many Primary keys?
A. One Primary Key.B. Two Primary Keys.
C. Three Primary Keys.
D. Four Primary Keys.

4. Electronic Spreadsheet is a software type that allows user to enter data in rows and column format. It is associated with-
A. Microsoft Word.
B. Microsoft Excel.
C. Microsoft PowerPoint.
D. Microsoft Access.

5. Approximately One Billion Memory location can be represented by which of the following unit?
A. MB (Mega Byte).
B. GB (Giga Byte).
C. Byte.
D. Bit.

6. In Excel if user wants to format two or more cell into One cell then which option should be used?
A. Combining.
B. Selecting.
C. Copying.
D. Merging.

7. Microsoft Windows is a operating system by Microsoft Corporation. Operating Systems are what kind of software?
A. Application Software.
B. Super Computer based software.
C. System Software.
D. Financial related software.

8. Which function of the user is called double clicking?
A. Clicking the keyboard 'ctrl' button twice.
B. Clicking the left mouse button twice.
C. Single click on right mouse button.
D. Pressing the enter button twice in a keyboard.

9. After saving a Microsoft Word document it will be transferred into which of the following format?
A. .doc.
B. .exe.
C. .png.
D. .xls.

10. Computers and Devices are connected through which of the following medium?

A. File.
B. Network.
C. Folder.
D. Disk Drive.